Type: VR Flight Training Simulator · VRnamAirbus

Engine: Unity (C#)

Hardware: HTC Vive Pro / Oculus Rift

Description: VRnam is a real-time VR application in which trainees can learn/drill flows and procedures until perfection in an immersive 3D cockpit. The VRnam Project was accepted into the Airbus BizLab hybrid accelerator beginning in October 2017. It is currently being developed with the support of Airbus. Within the BizLab campus, Airbus internal teams and external startup companies are brought under one roof to work towards their respective goals with the aid of experienced coaches and advisers.

My Role:

  • Built a VR UI/UX system from the ground up.

    • Overall game-flow.

    • Menu transitions.

    • Interaction feedback.

    • Multitasking.

    • Focus system.

    • PDF manuals.

      • Big files support (thousands of pages).

      • Seamless loading.

      • Bookmark navigation.

    • Learning Management System (LMS).​

  • Ran and examined ​user-testing sessions in order to detect and incorporate necessary changes (UX usability testing).

  • Researched and implemented virtual reality solutions to cockpit readability problems (rendering/graphics).

  • Worked on overall application optimization to fulfill high performance requirements.

Date: 2017-2018

​Contact: anderalzoladev@gmail.com

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