Type: 2D Game Project · DigiPen

Subject: GAM200 / GAM250

Engine: C++ / DirectX / FMOD (created from scratch)

Genre: Platformer / Action

Description: Play through 10 epic levels in this colorful, 2D platformer devouring dragonflies, dodging killer bees, and using your color-changing ability to adapt to the hostile alien environment.

My Role:

  • Programmed player and camera behaviors.

  • Fully took charge of game design and level building.

  • Worked on enhancing game feel.

  • Created object archetypes and integrated their corresponding art assets.

  • Established coordination with artist on art pipeline and planning.

Awards: Gamelab Barcelona 2013 - Best Student Game - Finalist


  • Ander Alzola – Programmer & Game Designer

  • Ander Amo – Programmer

  • Sendoa Bergasa – Artist

  • Andoni Besa – Programmer

  • Ander Goenaga – Programmer & Producer

  • Aitor Tejedor – Programmer

  • Jorge Fernandez – Music


Date: 2013


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