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Type: 2D Game Project · DigiPen

Engine: C++ / DirectX / FMOD (created from scratch)

Description: A chameleon venturing through the cosmos got lost on a hostile alien planet, and in order to make it home, you’ll need to do what a chameleon does best: eat bugs and change colors. In this 2D platformer, munch colorful dragonflies to flit between blue, green and red, each shade allowing you to interact with the environment differently.

My Role:

  • Programmed player, camera, dragonfly and color changing behaviors.

  • Fully took charge of game design and level building, including visual level and background "dressing".

  • Worked on testing and enhancing main gameplay features.

  • Created object archetypes and integrated their corresponding art assets.

  • Established coordination with artist on art pipeline and planning.

Awards: Gamelab Barcelona 2013 - Best Student Game - Finalist


  • Ander Alzola – Programmer & Game Designer

  • Ander Amo – Programmer

  • Sendoa Bergasa – Artist

  • Andoni Besa – Programmer

  • Ander Goenaga – Programmer & Producer

  • Aitor Tejedor – Programmer

  • Jorge Fernandez – Music

Date: 2013

Free Download: