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Type: 3D Game Project · DigiPen

Engine: C++ / OpenGL / FMOD (created from scratch)

Description: A strange world surrounds you, simultaneously ancient and futuristic. The myriad temples within it seem familiar as you wander through them, but why you are here and what you are looking for is unclear. Using your special ability to extend and retract mysterious architectural columns, explore this lonely world and discover your purpose in a first-person puzzle-platformer experience.

My Role:

  • Programmed first-person player behavior, dynamic hand animations, visual feedback and complex puzzle gameplay systems.

  • Designed main game mechanics, designed and built most of the game's levels.

  • Worked on testing and enhancing main gameplay features.

  • Designed object archetypes and managed art creation planning in order to fulfill the game's visual requirements given limited time and resources.

Awards: hóPLAY Independent Games Festival 2014 - Best Basque Game - Finalist



  • Ander Alzola – Game Designer & Programmer

  • Ander Amo – Lead Programmer

  • Eneko Eguiluz – Producer & Programmer

  • Eduardo Garcia – Artist

  • Ander Goenaga – Programmer

  • Ander Guerrero – Programmer

  • Markel Madina – Programmer

  • Asier Renteria – Sound Designer & Programmer

  • Jon Sanchez – Lead Programmer

  • Ismael Serrano – Programmer

  • Jorge Fernandez – Music

Date: 2014

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