Type: 3D Game Project · DigiPen

Subject: GAM300 / GAM350 / GAM400

Engine: C++ / OpenGL / FMOD (created from scratch)

Genre: Puzzle / Platformer / Poetic Experience

Description: Inaris is a tale of discovery about a lonely soul wandering in a set of empty familiar temples. This entity’s connection with the environment will allow it to manipulate columns in order to find out what it is looking for.

My Role:

  • Programmed first-person player behavior, dynamic hand animations, visual feedback and complex puzzle gameplay systems.

  • Designed main game mechanics and built most of the game's levels.

  • Worked on enhancing game feel.

  • Designed object archetypes and managed art creation planning in order to fulfill the game's visual requirements given limited time and resources.

  • Supervised teammates’ progress.

Awards: hóPLAY Independent Games Festival 2014 - Best Basque Game - Finalist



  • Ander Alzola – Game Designer & Programmer

  • Ander Amo – Lead Programmer

  • Eneko Eguiluz – Producer & Programmer

  • Eduardo Garcia – Artist

  • Ander Goenaga – Programmer

  • Ander Guerrero – Programmer

  • Markel Madina – Programmer

  • Asier Renteria – Sound Designer & Programmer

  • Jon Sanchez – Lead Programmer

  • Ismael Serrano – Programmer

  • Jorge Fernandez – Music

Date: 2014


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