Type: Artificial Intelligence Project · DigiPen

Subject: CS380

Engine: C++ / OpenGL (created from scratch)

Description: Research project which makes use of flocking artificial intelligence as game mechanics. The game's primary objective is capturing the spheres (turning red spheres into blue spheres) using the "boids" (moving entities).

The player can target any sphere using a yellow ray. Blue boids will be attracted to the selected sphere, and they will capture it by circling around it for a few seconds.

However, there are patrolling red boids in the world that will sometimes chase and turn red any blue boids they come in contact with. This is bad for the player.

A large number of red boids reduces the player options of sending blue boids through a specific path. However, captured spheres guard blue boids from red ones which can be used to one's advantage.


As the second video shows, the player would need to aim in such a direction and moment that blue boids do not come in contact with red boids.

Having less blue boids in control also makes the capture of an sphere take longer, leaving these boids at the mercy of red ones.

Finally, once all spheres have been captured, the player will regain control of all boids having the chance of moving around at will.

Author: Ander Alzola

Date: 2015