Type: XR for Engineering · EIA21

My Role:

  • Took lead of the emerging technology department with the aim of finding X-Reality solutions and benefits for projects and areas the company tackles (energy, gas, marine...).

  • Built a real combined-cycle power plant in VR using Unity.

    • Aiming interactions with two different controllers.

    • First-person 3D navigation (teleportation).

    • Displaying per-object information (examination).

      • 1 million identifiable elements.

      • Full element information. Matches CAD files and database information (no compromises).

    • Multi-user environment.

      • Multiple 3D avatar presence (hands, head tracking).

      • Online interactions (voice, visual communication).

    • Optimization.

      • Scene/instance streaming (level of detail).

      • Pre-compute element bounding volumes (player navigation, interaction detection).

      • Pre-process database information (hierarchies, cache friendly alignment).

      • CAD to 3D model conversion, polygon reduction.

    • Automatic cable routing feature.

      • Given thousands of cables with an origin and destination, finds the optimal routes through trays and underground pipes.

      • Takes into account cable volume, destination fill-rate and cable priority (A* variant algorithm).


Date: 2018